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    大红鹰彩票登录 > 大红鹰彩票登录

    Taizhou U-Know Mould Co., Ltd

    Our History

    On 1992, Mr.Li set up our company named as "Jingyuan Mould", but we change name to "U-KNOW MOULD" on 2015. We started our mould business mainly for auto parts and motorcycle parts. We produced motorcycle mould for Jialing Group,Chuanjiang Group and contruction Group and produced auto parts for Chevrolet,Toyota,Honada,China大红鹰彩票登录 FAW group,Mazda and so on. On 2009, we start our oversea business and start produce household moulds for many countries, such as The USA,Korea,Japan,Brazil,Russia,Uzbekistan,Thailand and so on. Our quality has won all client’s trust and good praise.

    Our Factory

    Our Factory covers an area of 2000 Square Meters, located in Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province, China大红鹰彩票登录, 7.5km from Taizhou fast train station and 23km from Taizhou airport. We have our own working shop for tooling our own moulds and also do tooling service for other mould company. We have 11 CNC machine from Taiwan Kafo,Taiwan Hartford Haitian Hision, 8 EDM machine from Shanghai HSPK, Dongguan OMRON,5 high speed high precision CNC, 6 wire cutting machine and 2 drilling machine.

    Our Product

    Plastic Chair Mould, Plastic Stool Mould, Plastic Cabinet Mould, Plastic Table Mould, Basket Mould, Container Mould, Household Mould, Crate Mould, Pallet Mould, Double Color Mould, Auto Part Mould, Motorcycle Mould, Blow Mould.

    Product Application

    For Plastic industry to produce plastic chair, plastic stool, drawer, table, basket, crate, auto bumper and so on.

    ● Factory


    ● Tooling Work Shop


    ● Shipment