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    Plastic Furniture Mould

    One of an obvious feature for closet mold is the product shape, to avoid the surface deformation of the plastic table, so we will generally add a lot of ribs to increase the strength of the cover.
      • Plastic Outdoor Chair Mould

        Plastic Outdoor Chair Mould

        Our traditional wooden chair is beautiful ,but when placing it outdoor,it will become decay soon. So plastic outdoor chair become more and more popular today.

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      • Plastic Injection Chair Mould

        Plastic Injection Chair Mould

        Software: AutoCAD,UG
        Cavity: Single Runner: Hot Runner/Cold Runner
        Mould life: 500000shots
        Delivery time: 45-60days Packaging: wooden box

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      • Plastic Office Chair Mould

        Plastic Office Chair Mould

        SKD-61 B-ejector pins a stable movement and longer mould life, Hardness 42-50 HRC.
        Wear plates made by H13 with vacuum quenching heat treatment, Hardness 50-52 HRC.

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      • Plastic Arm Chair Mould

        Plastic Arm Chair Mould

        We can also produce plastic chair mould for mixed color chair to you so that you can save products material.

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      • Plastic Armless Chair Mould

        Plastic Armless Chair Mould

        According to the different requirements of clients,U-KNOW MOULD offers you a complete choice of products which include plastic arm less chair mould, modern arm less pp chair mould, arm less chair mould, pp mould chair and classic pp chair mould,etc.Suitable for 大红鹰彩票登录 or hotel usage.

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      • Plastic Baby Chair Mould

        Plastic Baby Chair Mould

        Baby use mould is also made by stainless steel material for making injection mold, full hot runner for making any injection shot point.Our baby chair mould is popular in world both style and quality.

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      • Steel Leg Chair Mould

        Steel Leg Chair Mould

        Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China大红鹰彩票登录 (Mainland)
        Brand Name: U-KNOW MOULD
        Model Number: SC2014101001
        Shaping Mode: Plastic Injection Mould

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      • Plastic Garden Chair Mould

        Plastic Garden Chair Mould

        PC transparent chair mold is widely use all the world.U-KNOW MOULD is good at producing PC outdoor chair mould ,leisure chair mould and U-KNOW can meet all your need.

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      • Plastic Folding Stool Mould

        Plastic Folding Stool Mould

        This style of mold product style is new, beautiful and easy, meet the tastes of the masses. Suitable for all kinds of industries.

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      • Plastic Step Stool Mould

        Plastic Step Stool Mould

        The stool mould is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion & abrasion with our mature technology and experience.We have different ejection component to ensure the mould product intact.

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      • Plastic Rattan Stool Mould

        Plastic Rattan Stool Mould

        This stool mould is widely acclaimed by the customers for high level of quality standards. Offered range is provided by experts is widely appreciated among the customers due to quality and available in different sizes, shapes and finishes.

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      • Plastic Tea Table Mould

        Plastic Tea Table Mould

        To avoid the surface deformation of the plastic table, we use CNC precision engraving, CNC lathe, EDM, wire cutting and other mold finishing equipment which can satisfy all your requirement about the smoothness of the plastic product.

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